Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philly Voters Told "Stay Away From the Polls"

In Philadelphia, a flyer has been circulated telling people not to vote. The flyer is targeted at low-income neighborhoods, and warns that if you don't have a clean record (i.e. traffic tickets, criminal history, etc.) then registering to vote can give you problems at the polls, resulting in a potential arrest. This is obviously an absurd tactic, and clearly Republicans are behind it. What's even more absurd is that some Republican commentators blamed Dems, claiming that the Dems are doing it to make it look like the Republicans are being underhanded. Puh-lease!?! When was the last time anyone needed to do anything to make the Republicans look underhanded? They are doing just fine at being underhanded, they don't need any P.R. help from the Dems. Here's the article: