Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Social Media Equals Opportunities for Women

Historically, women have always been the foundations of communities. While men have had the task of breadwinning, women have always been the crux of family life, the home, and their communities. Women rely on each other for support, advice, bonding, and even life happiness. (Did you know that the more time both men and women spend around women, the happier they are? Conversely, there is no gain in happiness for more time spend with men).

So, it is not surprising that social media presents vast opportunities for women to excel at what we do best: network, support each other, and build [online] communities. For a great synopsis of the social media opportunities for women, read "Why Social Media Means Big Opportunities for Women."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmantic Valentine's Day

Snowpocalypse has left a beautiful wintery scene in Washington, and we have taken total advantage of it.

We started our Valentine's weekend with a homemade heart-shaped pancake breakfast and French pressed coffee. Next we bundled up, laced up our snow boots, and ventured down to the Sculpture Garden, where Brandon ice skated for the first time ever!

Afterwards we stopped at the National Gallery where I snapped a shot of my favorite painting (the above Degas) and perused the latest exhibits. Next, we were off on a search for hot cocoa, but settled on tea and cappuccino at Hotel Monaco's Poste (worst service ever btw!).

Now we are stopping at the Portrait Gallery before heading to U Street for dinner at Coppi's, where we had our very
first date four years ago!

I just discovered the blogger app on iPhone a few moments ago, and am thrilled. This will help me meet my resolution to post four times a week... or so I hope!

A Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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Location:Washington DC