Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin, Beauty Queen Extraordinaire

I think I nearly choked on my own tears of laughter (or fright?) when I watched this Katie Couric interview of Scary Sarah Palin.

She looks like a beauty pageant contestant who is clearly in over her head during the Q&A. Sarah comes across as a cheerleader for McCain, skirting Couric's pointed questions about the recent Wall Street meltdown with comments like, "McCain's such a maverick!" Or, "McCain has so much experience." But after five minutes of her gloating over McCain, when Katie Couric asks her to name one thing John McCain has done in the past 25 years, she cannot name ONE thing. "But I'll look it up and get back to you!" she says with a smile. She is SUCH a typical Beauty Queen personality (read: clueless bullshit artist).

But I must admit that after watching this, I sort of felt bad for the position that the Republicans put her in. I mean, she really is this small town mom with a BA in communications (and REALLY scary neo-conservative views) who is waaaaay in over her head with all this gosh darn tootin' talk of Wall Street and foreign policy matters. Communications teaches a person how to smile for the camera and convey messages: it is not a discipline that delves into the specifics of law, policy, finance, economics, and foreign diplomacy. So, when pressed by the reporter, she merely flashes her best smile and gives a knee jerk response, saying almost anything just so she has said something.

Out of curiosity, I looked into Palin's education. I found out it took her almost 6 years to get that BA in Communications, which she did by attending 4 different schools in three different states, starting with Hawaii, then two years at community college in northern Idaho, then back to Alaska for pageantry, then back to Idaho to finish. This is not meant to insult Communications majors or those with a college degree or lesser. I merely want point out that what the Republicans are doing to Palin-- namely, putting an inexperienced and unqualified person a heartbeat away from the presidency-- is absolutely cruel. But I feel much worse for the rest of the country, who, if the McCain-Palin duo get elected, will have to suffer at the hand of incompetence.

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